Associate Membership

The Casino Association of Indiana is committed to finding innovative ways to support the well-being of the Casino Gaming Entertainment industry in our great state. Time and again we have quantified and publicized the positive economic impact the industry has on Indiana communities and individuals. The benefits extend beyond those two important groups. Scores of suppliers, vendors, and local businesses are positively impacted by the presence of the Casino Gaming Entertainment industry in Indiana. We believe that those businesses have a special place as part of CAI’s extended family, and we are proud to offer the opportunity for those entities to join our membership as Associate Members.

CAI’s associate member program enables those suppliers, vendors, and businesses that benefit from the presence of the industry to contribute their support to the Association members’ goals and objectives. Associate members will benefit from the access they gain to a variety of industry professionals throughout Indiana. CAI will establish opportunities for associate members to meet with a variety of groups representing CAI members including but not limited to purchasing directors, security personnel, surveillance personnel, and food and beverage managers.

New challenges face the Indiana Casino Gaming Entertainment industry each day. If the industry is to continue to generate the level of positive community and economic impact it has for the past two decades, it needs its partners to join its advocacy efforts. Together we can create a bright future for the industry in Indiana. The Casino Association’s Associate Members will play a critical role in shaping the future of the industry in the Hoosier state.

Associate Members